White-browed Scrubwren

The White-browed Scrubwren is a noisy and inquisitive bird.  Within Australia there are five species of Scrubwren, of which this species is the most common and widespread.  Its range extends from northern Queensland, in a broad coastal band through South Australia to the mid Western Australian Coast, and Tasmania.  Throughout this range it is found in rainforests, open forests, woodlands, scrubs and heaths.  The White-browed Scrubwren shows some variation in plumage markings and colouration.  Predominantly, birds are fuscous-brown with slightly paler underparts and have a characteristic white eyebrow.  Birds in the Australia’s north are more yellow underneath, and the males have an almost black facial mask, whereas birds found along the southern coastline have conspicuous dark streaking on the throat.  The White-browed Scrubwren is insectivorous, and busily feeds in pairs amongst the thick vegetation of the forest floor.  The call is a repetitive chattering, especially when disturbed, and some mimicry.

Size: 11 to 13 cm