Dusky Robin

Dusky Robin perched on a post

What does it look and sound like? The Dusky Robin is dark olive-brown above and greyish below. It has an inconspicuous paler eyestripe and an indistinct greyish-white wingbar, which is partially concealed when at rest. Younger birds are heavily streaked and lack any white in the tail. Males are readily distinguished from other robins that share the same range, namely the Pink Robin Petroica rodinogaster, Flame Robin P. phoenicea and Scarlet Robin P. multicolor; the females or juveniles of these species are similar in appearance to the Dusky Robin, but have more conspicuous wingbars.

Where does it live? A Tasmanian endemic, and one of four robins found there.

What are its habitats and habits? Feeds on invertebrates, which are typically pounced upon from an elevated perch

Scientific name: Melanodryas vittata

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