Regent Bowerbird

Sericulus chrysocephalus

The Regent Bowerbird is a relatively small, slender bowerbird. It has a long, straight thin bill, which is yellow in the adult male and dark brown in the female. Both sexes are generally inconspicuous, which is surprising given the male’s striking plumage. The majority of the body is deep velvety black, with rich golden yellow plumage on the head, nape and wings. The young male’s eye is initially brown, but turns to bright yellow in the second year. The female plumage is quite opposite to the male, being generally brown-black, with light brown scallops on her upperback and underparts. There is a sooty-black patch on the hind-crown and occasionally a second band on the nape and the eyes are yellowish-brown. Males are most noticeable during the breeding season when they are displaying, but are otherwise quiet and secretive.