Pallid Cuckoo

This large cuckoo, is almost hawk-like in appearance.  It is found in most open wooded areas and open country throughout Australia, where it is the most common and widely distributed of the cuckoos.  It is instantly identified by its grey plumage, and broadly barred black and white undertail.  No other Australian cuckoo has this colouration.  Younger birds are more brown and buff on the back and wings.  The Pallid Cuckoo lays its eggs in a variety of other birds’ nests.  These include honeyeaters, flycatchers, woodswallows, whistlers, the Willie Wagtail and the Hooded Robin.   Its call is a loud, ascending “too-too-too..”.  The call is often repeated incessantly, and gave rise to the name of Brainfever-bird.  As with most other cuckoos, the call is normally an indication of the birds presence, long before the bird is seen.  The Pallid Cuckoo has a liking for hairy caterpillars, but will take other insects and their larvae.

Size: 28 to 30 cm