Red Knot

Australia is visited by the largest non-breeding numbers (>130,000) of the Red Knot, which breeds predominantly in Siberia, but also in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and nearby areas. The species occurs in coastal areas around the Australian mainland and offshore islands during the summer migration period, although is most numerous along Eighty Mile Beach and Roebuck Bay, WA, and In the Gulf of Carpentaria, Qld. It is a small to medium-sized shorebird (23-25 cm) and has two plumage phases, the most common in Australia (non-breeding) is greyish above and paler below, with numerous grey chevron markings along the flanks. The breeding plumage is bold reddish on the head, chest and belly in front of the legs. The back has a mixture of black, grey, white and red. Both plumages have an identifying narrow white wingbar and pale rump.

Scientific name: Calidris canutus