Tawny Frogmouth

Frogmouth, Tawny Frogmouth beak agape while sitting on a tree branch.What does it look like? The Tawny Frogmouth is readily identified by generally silver-grey plumage, streaked and mottled with black and rufous, with large yellow eyes. Some birds may tend more russet-red instead of grey.

Where does it live? It is found througout the whole of Australia.

What are its habitats and habits? In most regions this is the most commonly encountered nocturnal bird in Australia, normally seen sitting on an exposed perch waiting to grab a moth as it flies past during the night or sitting motionless during the day, camouflaged as a dead tree branch.

Scientific name: Podargus strigoides

Size: 34 to 53 cm (larger in south of range)

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