Pacific Gull

Pacific Gull on rock with blue ocean in background

What does it look like? The Pacific Gull is a large gull. The back and wings are black and the head, neck and underparts are white. The white tail, with a broad black band towards the tip, and large yellow bill with red tip, distinguish it from the otherwise similar Kelp Gull Larus dominicus. Young birds are predominantly dark brown and buff in plumage, the yellow bill becoming visible after the first year. The most common call is a loud ‘oww, oww’. 

Where does it live? It is a common sight in coastal areas of southern and south-western Australia, including Tasmania.

What are its habitats and habits?  The Pacific Gull often occurs in small flocks, feeding on a variety of foods, including fish, molluscs and human refuse. 

Scientific name: Larus pacificus

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