Hawk Owls


These owls are characterised by their rounded head and short legs. They are moderately-sized to large birds, the largest in Australia being the endemic Powerful Owl Ninox strenua. Two other endemic species are the Tasmanian Boobook N. leucopsis and Christmas Island Hawk-Owl N. natalis. A further four resident species have endemic subspecies, Rufous Owl N. rufa, Barking Owl N. connivens, Southern Boobook N. boobook and Tasman Boobook N. novaeseelandiae . A further three species occur in Australia as vagrants.

Christmas Island Hawk-Owl

Ninox natalis This small (26 to 29 cm) owl is endemic to Christmas Island, and is instantly recognised by its bold rufous and white barring on the underparts and reddish-brown back and wings (juveniles are paler, with whitish down). The large round eyes have a bright yellow iris. It is the only owl species on Christmas Island (which should aid identification), and was formerly considered to be...