White-bellied Sea-Eagle

Sea-Eagle, pair of White-Bellied Sea Eagles perched on a coastal rockWhat does it look and sound like? The White-bellied Sea-Eagle is a large bird of prey. Adults have white on the head, rump and underparts and dark grey on the back and wings. In flight the contrasting black flight feathers are easily visible from below. Young birds may be confused with the Wedge-tailed Eagle, but differ in having a paler head and tail and more steeply upswept wings when soaring. The call is a loud “goose-like” honking.

Where does it live? It is a common sight in coastal and near coastal areas of Australia, however they are rarer along the Victorian coastline.

What are its habitats and habits? Food consists mainly of fish, turtles and nestlings from seabird colonies.  The White-bellied Sea-Eagle forms lifelong pairs that inhabit permanent territories. 

Scientific name: Haliaeetus leucogaster

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