Australian Logrunner

Logrunner, Australian Logrunner scurrying along the rainforest floorWhat does it look and sound like? The plumage of this elusive ground-dwelling bird is mottled rufous-brown and olive-grey, streaked with black on the wings, back and sides of the throat. The face is grey, as are the sides of the breast, and the belly is white. The female Logrunner is distinguished from the male by the cinnamon, instead of white, throat and upper breast. The common call is a repeated piercing ‘weet’. 

Where does it live? The Logrunner is found from Gympie, Qld to the Illawarra, NSW. 

What are its habitats and habits? It inhabits temperate and subtropical rainforests, where it is predominantly ground-dwelling. Food is found by raking through leaf-litter on the forest floor, while the bird supports itself on its spiny-tipped tail.

Scientific name: Orthonyx temmincki

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