Pardalotes are arboreal, nesting in tree hollows or within earthen burrows. All four species are endemic to Australia. The Spotted Pardalote Pardalotus punctatus is found in the east and southwest,, the endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote P. quadragintus, occurs only in Tasmania, the Red-browed Pardalote P. rubricatus is a bird of the arid zone and the Striated Pardalote P. striatus is widespread through most of the continent.

Spotted Pardalote

Pardalotus punctatus Although common, this species frequently passes unnoticed because it spends most of its time near the top of the trees. Seen closely, it is a striking bird. The male has fine white spots on the black crown and wings, a yellow throat and undertail coverts, and a reddish chestnut rump. The female is duller, with an off-white throat and cream spots on the crown. The most obvious...

Striated Pardalote

Throughout the majority of the year, a sharp “tchip tchip” often first alerts us to the presence of  this brightly coloured little bird.  The Striated Pardalote, like other pardalotes, feeds on arthropods, which are gleaned from foliage high up it the tops of trees.  When breeding, however, the birds are often much more noticeable as they mostly construct their nests close to the ground,  usually in a tr...