Striated Pardalote

Throughout the majority of the year, a sharp “tchip tchip” often first alerts us to the presence of  this brightly coloured little bird.  The Striated Pardalote, like other pardalotes, feeds on arthropods, which are gleaned from foliage high up it the tops of trees.  When breeding, however, the birds are often much more noticeable as they mostly construct their nests close to the ground,  usually in a tree hollow or tunnel, excavated in an earthen bank.  At this time the black crown, white eyebrows with a yellow spot, olive-grey back and black wings, with white stripe, and yellow-white underparts are conspicuous.  Considerable variation in plumage characteristics is found through the range of this species, which extends throughout the eucalypt forests and woodlands of Australia.  The black crown may be plain or have fine white stripes, and there may be a yellow or red spot at the front end of the white wing stripe.

Size: 9.5 to 11 cm