Blue-winged Parrot

Neophema chrysostoma

The main populations of this slender parrot are in southern Vic. and Tas., although smaller populations are scattered throughout western NSW and eastern SA, and uncommonly further north to south-west Qld and the NT. It is olive-green above, becoming more blue on the tail and with broad blue wing patches. The belly is yellowish, and there is a yellow patch around the face and eye, with a dark blue band across the forehead in front of the eye. Some individuals can have an orange patch on the belly, and can resemble the similar Orange-bellied Parrot N. chrysogaster (see p. ???), both of which share part of the same range and members of both species make the arduous trip across the Bass Strait from Tas. to Vic. Some individuals also resemble the very similar Elegant Parrot N. elegans, which has a smaller blue wing patch and the yellow around the face does not extend beyond the eye, while the blue forehead stripe does. The superficially similar Rock Parrot N. petrophila has a blue face.