Regent Parrot

Polytelis anthopeplus

Two geographically isolated populations of this endemic slender yellow parrot, with darker bluish-black tail and wings, are found in Australia. One population inhabits areas of eucalypt woodland and mallee within eastern Australia (south-western NSW, north-western Vic and eastern SA), and the other occurs within open forest and woodlands in the wheatbelt region of south-western WA. Both have the characteristic long, tapering tail and strongly backswept wings when in flight, and both have the conspicuous bright yellow shoulder patch and red wing patches. The female is generally duller than the male and more greenish, but both sexes have a dark pinkish bill. Food consists largely of seeds, and birds mainly feed on the ground or within trees, in pairs or small groups, but flowers and small insects (especially psyllids and lerps) are also eaten. The birds of the eastern population are endangered.