King Penguin

Aptenodytes patagonicus

An impressive crestless penguin, standing at a height of around 95 cm and can travel distances of over 450 km when foraging (mainly for fish) at sea. It is easily recognised purely by its size, the largest of the penguins to breed on Macca, and second only in size to the Emperor Penguin A. forsteri, which is a rare vagrant to the island. It has a black head and face, with a deep golden yellow reverse teardrop patch behind each eye and a similarly coloured to pinkish lower mandible.The back and wings are dark blue-grey and the chest, belly and front of the legs are white, with the exception of an yellowish wash on the lower throat. The Emperor Penguin is comparatively darker, but with less colour. Pairs lay a single egg, which is incubated on top of the parents’ feet, under folds of the lower.