Little Penguin

Little Penguin lying on a coastal rockWhat does it look like? It is a small, blue and white penguin. 

Where does it live? It is a common sight along the coastline of southern Australia, from Perth, Western Australia, to about Nelsons Bay, New South Wales.  

What are its habitats and habits? It spends the daylight hours at sea, and awaits the cover of night before coming ashore to roost in rock crevices and burrows. The Little, or Fairy, Penguin, is the only species of penguin to nest on the Australian mainland, and the only one to nest in a burrow. Similar to other penguins, food, mostly small fish and squid, is caught in  skillful underwater pursuits. The birds flap their wings as they swim, as if they ‘fly’ underwater.

Interesting fact: On Phillip Island, Victoria, and on Bruny Island, Tasmania, the nightly “penguin parades” have become a tourist attraction.

Scientific name: Eudyptula minor

Size32 to 34 cm

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