Royal Penguin

Eudyptes schlegeli

This species is endemic to Macca, although vagrants do turn up as vagrants over a wide area and their exact winter movements (when much of the 7 month period is spent foraging for fish and crustaceans long distances offshore) are largely unknown. Macca (and the local smaller islets of Bishop and Clerk) is however, the only place where the 1.5 to 2 million strong breeding population is known to breed. It is a medium-sized (65-75 cm) black and white bird with the yellow-orange crest feathers flowing from the base of the bill and curling down the sides of the head from above the eyes.The bill is dark reddish and much larger in males. Some individuals have grey throats, but the majority have white. Birds reach sexual maturity at around five and nests can be located anywhere from the shore to around 200 m above sea level.