Green Junglefowl

The male Green Junglefowl is easily-identified by its largely dark green, glossed plumage and bright red facial skin. The plumage is interspersed with highly reflective scales, adding brilliant yellow-gold, burnt orange, bronze and bright blue to its appearance, especially on the back, wings, neck and sides of the throat. The head is adorned with a semi-circular blue and pinkish-red crest. The female is smaller and a mixture of browns, yellows and some sparse green feathers, and lacks a comb. Both sexes make a a typical chicken ‘clucking’ sound when feeding and the male also emits a loud crowing call. It was introduced into the Cocos (Keeling) Islands from Indonesia, and is now found in large numbers on West Island. Typical habitat includes rainforest fringes and more open habitats around coastal areas, where it feeds on seeds and insects. The female nests in low vegetation and lays up to five eggs in a typical clutch.

Scientific name: Gallus varius

Size: 65 to 75 cm (male); 40 to 46 cm (female)