Common Bronzewing

The Common Bronzewing is found in all but the most arid areas and densest rainforests, and is one of the most abundant of Australia’s pigeons.  When observed it is normally in small parties, feeding on the ground on seeds.  It is a very wary pigeon, and seldom allows close approach.  If startled it flies strongly and directly.  Birds are seldom found far from water, and the small groups will drink at a waterhole during either the day or night.  The Common Bronzewing can be identified by its pinkish-grey breast and paler brown back, with iridescent patches of green, blue and red in the wing, and conspicuous white line below and around the eye.  The male has a yellow-white forehead and darker pink breast.  The related Brush Bronzewing, which is found in southern Australia, is smaller and has more chestnut coloured head and shoulders.  The common call is a deep “oom”, normally repeated several times.

Scirntific name:

Size: 30 to 36 cm