Crested Pigeon

This native pigeon is common in much of mainland Australia.  The Crested Pigeon may be found in any habitat, with the exception of the denser forests and wetter coastal areas, but is seldom far from water.  There are only two Australian pigeon species that possess a crest.  The Spinifex Pigeon is markedly smaller, with cinnamon coloured plumage and a bright red facial patch.  The Crested Pigeon is a robust, soft pink and grey pigeon, with a long black crest, with a small pinkish-red ring around the eye.  If startled it takes to the air with a characteristic whistling flight, and glides with downturned wings, and, upon landing, it swings its tail high in the air.  The whistling sound is produced by the air passing a reduced primary wing feather.  It is often encountered alone or in small parties that busily feed on the ground or perch on a sunlit tree branch.  Food consists mostly of seeds, although some leaves and insects are taken.

Scientific name: 

Size: 30 to 35cm