Diamond Dove

This slender dove is Australia’s smallest (19 to 21 cm) and is named after the numerous small white spots on its wings. The remainder of its plumage is bluish-grey on the head, neck and breast, cream on the belly and grey-brown on the back, wings and long thin tail. It has a conspicuous orange-red eye-ring which further distinguishes it from the superficially similar Peaceful Dove G. placida, which has a bluish eye-ring and is generally more plump, with black and white barring on the hindneck and upper breast, and black edges to the wing and back feathers. The endemic Diamond Dove inhabits drier grasslands and open woodlands throughout Australia’s arid interior, where it feeds on seeds on the ground, often in small groups. They are seldom encountered far from water.

Scientific name: Geopelia cuneata