Rock Dove

The Rock Dove, Feral or Street Pigeon, is found in close association with human settlement throughout much of the world.  This association dates back through the centuries, when they were domesticated by the Egyptians, over 6000 years ago.  While there is no real indication as to when the species was introduced into Australia, large numbers of birds have been documented since the early to mid nineteenth century.  While it is found in huge numbers in most major centres of Australia, it has not ventured far from human settlement.  On any street, birds are seen pecking at the ground, in a never-ending search for food, and, although it is primarily a seed-eater, the Rock Dove will investigate and eat most scraps.  It is native to Europe, Africa and Asia, where it prefers open agricultural areas.  The Rock Dove breeds along coastal cliff faces, as well as artificial cliff faces, such as apartment buildings with accessible ledges or roof spaces.

Scientific name: Columbia livia

Size: 33 to 36 cm