White-quilled Rock-Pigeon

Petrophassa albipennis

This plump, medium-large (28-30 cm) endemic pigeon inhabits the rocky sandstone and limestone escarpments and boulders of the WA and NT, in a broad band from the western Kimberley coast to central northern NT, where it is mostly ground-dwelling, feeding on seeds. There are two subspecies currently recognised. Both share the mottled dull brown plumage, each feather having a paler buff edge, and speckled face and head, with a darker line line above the bill, white line below the eye, and greyish skin around the eye. Subspecies P. a. boothi from the Timber Creek area (Stokes Range to Keep River National Park) of north-western NT lacks the white wing quills that give rise to the species’ common name. Nesting has been recorded in most months of the year, and is likely linked to food abundance.