Red-capped Plover

This is a small (14 to 16.5cm) shorebird. Brown above, reddish on the crown and nape, and with a white face and underparts, the Red-capped Plover cannot be confused with any other shorebird regularly found in Australia. The vagrant Kentish Plover C. alexandrinus has a white collar around the nape. It feeds mainly on insects, which are caught on the drier shores of lakes, estuaries, marshes and beaches; it seldom wades for food. While feeding, a Red-capped Plover runs rapidly along the ground, stopping suddenly to snatch prey from the surface. The call is a faintly trilled ‘tik’ or ‘twink’. It is a common sight throughout coastal and inland Australia and is widely distributed throughout the country and islands.

Scientific name: Charadrius ruficapillus