Black-necked Stork

This large bird (1.3 to 1.4 m), with black and white body plumage, glossed dark green and purple neck and robust black bill, is the only member of the stork family found in Australia. It inhabits wetlands, such as floodplains of rivers with large shallow swamps and pools, and deeper permanent bodies of water.  Within these areas the Black-necked Stork, or Jabiru, feeds on fish, small crustaceans and amphibians, and uses tall vegetation over deep water for nesting. The range of this majestic bird has been reduced due to the modification of floodplains and tall reedbeds for agriculture, mining and human settlement. Throughout the monsoonal areas of northern Australia, the Black-necked Stork is still widespread, but fewer numbers appear southwards to eastern Australia. The female can be identified from the male by its yellow eye.

Scientific name: Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus