Brown Treecreeper

Climacteris picumnus

Of the seven treecreepers found in the world, six are found in Australia (the seventh is found in New Guinea). The Brown Treecreeper, found in the drier open forests and woodlands throughout eastern Australia, is a common and familiar bird. Its call, a loud ‘spink’, uttered either singly or in a series, generally betrays its presence before the bird is observed. The Brown Treecreeper has predominantly pale brown in plumage, the head, throat and upper breast are pale greyish-brown, while the lower breast and belly are strongly streaked with black and buff. The eyebrow is more buff than that of the White-browed Treecreeper, and there is a buff wingbar, visible in flight. As with other Treecreepers, food is obtained by clinging to the trunks and branches of trees, and probing into cavities with long downwardly curving bills. The Brown Treecreeper also feeds on the ground. Food consists largely of ants, but other insects and their larvae are taken.