Whistlers & Shrike-thrushes


Thirteen species, including seven endemics, occur in Australia. These stout-billed birds can be identified by their melodious calls, given by both sexes, from which the common name is derived. Some species show strong sexual dimorphism, with males being brightly-coloured; others show little or no dimorphism and are more drab. Most of the subspecies of the six wider-ranging species are endemic. The Western Whistler Pachycephala fuliginosa has recently been split from the Golden Whistler P. pectoralis complex.

Grey Shrike-thrush

Ranging throughout Australia, the Grey Shrike-thrush is a common and familiar bird.  Its alternate names of Harmonious Shrike-thrush and Whistling Shrike-thrush, have stemmed from its beautiful whistling song, which echoes loudly throughout the variety of wooded areas that it inhabits.  Typically, songs include phrases such as “pip-pip-pip—pip-hoee” and a sharp “yorrick”, but also include phrases tha...