Rufous Bettong

Aepyprymnus rufescens 

TL 710–780mm, including tail 338–390mm

What does it look like? Fur long and wiry, reddish-brown above, flecked with silverish-grey, and pale greyish below. Head has triangular, pointed ears, short, hairy shout and sparsely furred nosepad. Naked skin around eyes and inside ears pink to pinkish-orange.

Where is it found? Formerly wider ranging (including along sections of Murray River), but now confined to eastern Qld and north-eastern NSW.

What are its habitats & habits? Found in forests and woodland, where it favours open areas or those with grassy understorey, with adjacent thicker ground vegetation. Sleeps by day in dome-shaped nest of woven fibrous material, placed in shallow scrape on the ground, and emerges at dusk to feed on grasses, herbs, roots and underground tubers.

Interesting fact: Female mates shortly after giving birth, keeping a second fertilized egg in dormancy (quiescent).