What does it look like? The cat is extremely varied in size, colour, shape and length of fur, and can range from white to black with any manner of tones of yellow red and brown between. Most are mottled or striped.

Where does it live? Introduced to Australia from Europe, and found in all states and territories.

What are its habitats and habits? The cat is a superbly designed predator, which has adapted itself expertly to almost all Australian conditions. This adaptability, along with the lack of a ‘cat-like’ predators naturally occurring in Australia, has contributed to its devastation of native wildlife. While it actively hunts both day and night, it is mainly nocturnal, resting during the day in a den, typically a burrow, small cave or a hole in a tree. It is an opportunistic hunter with its diet is largely influenced by the habitat in which is lives, and is estimated to kill up to around 30 animals every day..

Interesting fact: There is no difference between a “feral” cat and typical “Domestic” cat.  The number of feral cats in Australia alone has been conservatively estimated at around 4 million.

Scientific name: Felis catus

Size: 55cm