Common Bottle-nosed Dolphin

Tursiops truncatus TL 3.1m

What does it look like? Grey to brownish-grey above, paler below. Beak with upwardly curving mouth and dorsal fin backwardly sloping and moderately tall. Beak shorter and flippers smaller than the Indo-Pacific Bottle-nosed Dolphin.

Where is it found? Temperate and tropical waters worldwide. Found in all Australian states and NT, but more common in southern oceans.

What are its habitats & habits? Occurs in deeper oceans, but can be found in other areas, overlapping with the Indo-Pacific Bottle-nosed Dolphin, making identification very difficult. Feed mainly on fish and cephalopods. Capable of forming very large pods of tens of thousands, but usual groups number around 30.

Interesting fact: Previously considered synonymous with Indo-Pacific Bottle-nosed Dolphin, and much debate on size and extent of populations.