Long-nosed Fur-seal

Arctocephalus forsteri TL 1.5–2.5m

(New Zealand Fur-seal)


What does it look like? Thickset with long, narrow, pointed snout. Brown to blackish-grey, flecked with silvery-white, paler on chest and flanks, and snout light greyish or brownish with long, pale grey whiskers. Male has longer fur (mane) on neck, heavily streaked with silvery-grey.

Where is it found? Southern coast and islands from south-western WA to southern Qld and Tas. Breeds on islands along southern WA, southern SA, south-western Vic and southern Tas coasts.

What are its habitats & habits? Occurs in coastal marine areas. Hunts for fish, squid, crustaceans and penguins, and basks on rocks, preferring assemblages of boulders rather than open platforms.

Interesting fact: Non-migratory, but non-breeding individuals forage of a wide range.