Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Macropus giganteus

TL 1,404–2,400mm, including tail 430–1100mm


What does it look like? Grey to brownish-grey above, paler on face and hindlegs, and paler grey to whitish below. Head with moderately short, somewhat rounded ears, darker eye-ring and hairy snout. Feet and tip of tail black.

Where is it found? Eastern Australia, from around Cooktown Qld, south through majority of NSW and Vic to south-eastern SA and eastern Tas (introduced to Maria Island).

What are its habitats & habits? Wide ranging in variety of wooded habitats and adjacent open areas, where it tends to favour wetter areas, but also occurs in semi-arid regions. Feeds on variety of grasses, herbs and leaves, both during the day and at night, and rests during the heat of the day in shade.

Interesting fact: First collected by Europeans at Cooktown in 1770, when Captain James Cook stopped there to repair the Endeavour.