Parma Wallaby

Notamacropus parma

TL 855–1,075mm, including tail 405–540mm

What does it look like? Greyish-brown above, with darker longitudinal dorsal stripe and white cheek-stripe. Underparts whitish, paler on chest and throat, and tail often tipped with white.

Where is it found? Ranges and slopes of eastern NSW, from border with Qld, south to around Gosford.

What are its habitats & habits? Found in wet forests up to 1,000m, where it uses runways to move through the dense understorey. Nocturnal, sheltering by day and emerging at dusk to feed on plant material, mainly native grasses.

Interesting fact: Considered extinct until 1965, when identified as an introduced pest on Kawau Island, New Zealand. Surveys then rediscovered the species in Australia in 1967.