Red-necked Wallaby

Notamacropus rufogriseus

TL 1,282–1,785mm, including tail 623–876mm

(Bennett’s Wallaby)

What does it look like? Grey-brown above, heavily flecked with white, and washed with reddish on head, shoulders, arms, upper back and base of tail. Underparts pale grey to whitish. Face has obscure cheek-stripe and blackish longitudinal line on forehead. Darker and more brownish in Tas.

Where is it found? South-eastern mainland, from south-eastern Qld, through eastern NSW and south Vic to far south-eastern SA. Also on Tas and major islands (including Bass Strait).

What are its habitats & habits? Found in open forests and woodland, and adjacent heathland. Mostly solitary, although may be seen in groups of up to about 30, feeding from late afternoon to dawn on grasses and herbs; rests at other times in dense vegetation.

Interesting fact: Females that mate at end of breeding season delay birth until about 8 months later.