Swamp Wallaby

Wallabia bicolor

TL 1,105–1,710mm, including tail 640–862mm

What does it look like? Dark reddish-brown to black above, with pale yellowish-brown cheek-stripe (more prominent in northern individuals), and pale yellowish to orange-brown below. Tail darker, occasionally with white tip.

Where is it found? Coast, slopes and ranges of eastern and south-eastern Australia (including Fraser Island), from northern Cape York Peninsula Qld, through eastern NSW and southern Vic, and possibly into far south-eastern SA.

What are its habitats & habits? Found in forests, woodland and heaths with a dense understorey. Shelters during most of the day in dense vegetation, often in moist areas, and emerges at night to feed on grasses, shrubs, ferns and seedlings.

Interesting fact: When disturbed, bounds away with head low and tail held straight behind it.