Spinifex Hopping-mouse

Notomys alexis

TL 215–260mm, including tail 120–150mm


What does it look like? Pale brown above, washed with reddish-orange, with black guard hairs, and greyish face and snout. Underparts white to greyish-white, with small naked throat-patch. Tail long (about 125 per cent of head-body), with fine tufted tip of whitish-grey hairs. Rear feet elongated.

Where is it found? Arid central Australia, from central west coast WA (except Pilbara), through southern NT and northern SA to western Qld.

What are its habitats & habits? Occupies spinifex sandy deserts and arid shrubland. Shelters by day in deep communal burrows lined with leaves and small twigs, emerging at dusk to forage on the ground for plant material, mainly seeds, and small invertebrates.

Interesting fact: Similar to Dusky Hopping-mouse, which has slightly longer tail and darker, more brush-tipped tail.