Bare-nosed Wombat

Bare-nosed Wombat   Vombatus ursinus    725-1175mm TL, including tail 25 mm

(Common Wombat; Bass Strait Wombat [Flinders Island])


What does it look like?  Stock, with large, flattened head, short limbs and powerful claws for digging. Greyish-brown to blackish above, paler below, and with a bare nose, and short, slightly rounded ears. Female has a rear-facing pouch.

Where is it found?  South-eastern mainland. From south-eastern Qld, through ranges of eastern NSW to central Vic and Tas (including Flinders and Maria (introduced) Islands). Also in far south-eastern SA.

What are its habitats & habits?  Forests, woodlands and grasslands, where it sleeps during the day in underground burrows and feeds on the ground, mostly at night, on native grasses, sedges and roots of shrubs. Female has 2 teats, but usually gives birth to a single young, which may be born at any time of the year.

Interesting fact:  Three subspecies currently recognised, V. u. ursinus on Flinders island, V. u. hirsutus on mainland and V. u. tasmaniensis on Tas.