Clouded Gecko

Amalosia jacovae  60 mm SVL

(Alternative Name: Clouded Velvet Gecko)

What does it look like?   Slender. Pale grey-brown above with a darker narrow zigzag pattern along both sides of the back and down the original tail, enclosing a broad, pale zone that is fragmented by narrow bars. The cylindrical tail is moderately long, tapered and slightly flattened. Whitish below, with noticeably larger scales than the back. Flanks and limbs have several indistinct pale spots; webbing between the 3rd and 4th toes.

Where is it found?   South-eastern Qld. Originally discovered on Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane. North to around Gladstone and Fraser Island, west to Toowoomba.

HABITS AND HABITAT  Inhabits both wet and dry open eucalypt forests, woodlands, coastal heaths, rocky outcrops and houses in adjacent urban areas. Mainly arboreal, using the enlarged pads on the toes to assist in climbing. Insectivorous, feeding on insects and other invertebrates. Oviparous, with 2 eggs laid in a clutch.