Crowned Gecko

Lucasium stenodactylum  55 mm SVL

(Alternative Name: Sand-plain Gecko)

What does it look like?   Variable, but generally pinkish brown to reddish brown above, normally with a pale vertebral stripe from the nape to the base of the tail, often commencing as separate stripes that pass through each eye from the snout, and meet at the nape. Sides, legs and tail with variable small pale spots, and sides occasionally with an obscure pale stripe. Underparts whitish. Identify from the Beaded Gecko L. damaeum (p. ??)

Where is it found?   North-western and southern central Australia, from the north-west coast of WA and northern NT, south to western Qld, north-western NSW and central SA.

HABITS AND HABITAT  Arid to semi-arid grassy woodlands, shrublands and sandy and stony deserts. Terrestrial and mostly nocturnal, sheltering during the day in small disused burrows, emerging at dusk to forage for small invertebrates, including termites, spiders, crickets and beetles. Oviparous, laying 1 or 2 parchment-shelled eggs in a clutch.