Boyd’s Forest Dragon

Lophosaurus boydii SVL 150mm, TL 500mm

What does it look like?  Laterally compressed, angular head and body, with large, spiny nuchal crest, enlarged white scales on cheeks, ‘saw-like’, keeled vertebral scales, long, slender tail and long limbs. Greyish-blue to olive-brown above, with obscure light and dark transverse barring, and blackish patch on sides of neck, bordered above and below by short white horizontal bars. Large, extendable, yellowish-orange throat-patch, with remaining underparts whitish to pale brown.

Where is it found?  Base of Cape York Peninsula, north-eastern Qld.

What are its habitats & habits? Found in rainforests and margins, where it is active during the day, feeding on invertebrates that are pounced on from perch in trees, as well as on some fruits and small vertebrates. Although largely arboreal, more commonly seen foraging on the ground. Oviparous, laying up to 4 clutches of 4–6 soft-shelled eggs in a year.