Barking Gecko

Underwoodisaurus milii SVL 90mm

(Thick-tailed Gecko)

What does it look like?  Pink to purplish-brown above and white below, often with purplish wash. Upperparts decorated with numerous large, yellowish-white spots, covering tubercles, and original tail has several black-and-white bands; lacking, or greatly reduced, on regenerated tail. Tail narrow at base, then broadens out before tapering away to form carrot shape. Fingers and toes lack pads.

Where is it found?  Wide ranging but not common. From southern WA through SA and southern NT, into NSW, Vic and Qld.

What are its habitats & habits? Terrestrial. Found in rocky outcrops in wide variety of habitats, both wet and dry, including sclerophyll forests, woodland, heaths and shrubland, where it shelters in burrows or conceals itself under rocks during the day, emerging at night to hunt. Carnivorous, feeding on range of small invertebrates, including spiders, scorpions and beetles, and also on smaller lizards. Oviparous, laying 1 or more clutches of 2 soft-shelled eggs per clutch. When threatened, rises up and barks at an attacker.