Common Death Adder

Acanthophis antarcticus TL 700mm

What does it look like?  DANGEROUSLY VENOMOUS. Triangular-shaped head, short, stocky body and thin, pale-coloured tip to tail. Grey to reddish-brown above, usually with alternating lighter bands, and greyish-cream below.

Where is it found?  Eastern Australian mainland from north-west NT, through Qld and NSW, to northern Vic, although absent from western far north and far south-east. Also found in small coastal band in southern SA and WA.

What are its habitats & habits? Found in wet and dry forests, woodland, grassland and coastal heaths. Ambush predator, lying coiled and motionless, sometimes covered in leaves, twitching pale tip of tail as lure to attract prey, and using long fangs to strike inquisitive animals, including lizards, birds, frogs and mammals. Once envenomated prey is often left to die before being eaten. Ovoviviparous, giving birth to up to 40 live young during summer and early spring. Death Adder venom is neurotoxic and can be fatal to humans.