Stephens’ Banded Snake

Hoplocephalus stephensii TL 1.2m

(Yellow Banded Snake; Stephens’s, or Stephen’s, Banded Snake)

What does it look like?  DANGEROUSLY VENOMOUS. Variable. Brown, grey or blackish, usually with brown or cream cross-bands, but occasionally unbanded. Head broad and dark, blotched with cream, and with black-and-white vertical lines on lips. Underparts cream to grey, with each scale keeled. Unbanded individuals may resemble Pale-headed Snake.

Where is it found?  Coast and ranges of southern Qld and northern NSW.

What are its habitats & habits? Occurs in wetter forests, including rainforests and vine thickets, where it is largely arboreal and nocturnal, using hollows in larger trees for shelter during the day. Feeds mainly on frogs, reptiles and small mammals. Viviparous, giving birth to up to 9 young in a litter, generally in December–February.