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This Sugar Glider enjoying the wild life from the safety of its perch
Sugar Glider

Welcome to our new site! We are currently working on a new series of wildlife travel guides to help naturalists, travelers, photographers and bird-watchers get the best out of Australia’s wild places. Saving you time and money on your Wild Life adventure.

Why should I come to Australia?

Australia is home to over 2,000 vertebrate animals (excluding fish), and around 1,500 of these are endemic, which means that they occur here naturally. Australia has more endemic mammals than any other country, more endemic birds than 99% of the world’s countries, more endemic reptiles by far than any other country, and more endemic amphibians than 97% of the world’s countries. About 83% of our mammals also occur nowhere else, as well as 45% of our birds, 89% of our reptiles and 93% of our frogs. (source: The Wilderness Society – www.wilderness.org.au)

We hear a similar story from most of the wildlife photographers and nature lovers that visit Australia: Where do I start? Australia is huge!

The Three Sisters is an iconic geological formation in the Blue Mountains
The Three Sisters at Katoomba

In fact, Australia has a land mass of over 7,600,000 square kilometers, so finding these endemic animals can be very difficult, time consuming and expensive. Unless, of course, you know the best places to go and the best times to go there.

Our Mission

In 2014 we set out with one goal, to visit and document the places that you can go to see the most number of endemic animals, without wasting your precious time and money. As you can see from the statistics above, Australia has a massive amount of wildlife that you can see nowhere else in the world but, with over 7,600,000 square kilometers to look in, your going to need a little help.

We know that you will just love Australia’s Wild Life, and Australia’s Wildlife will help you find it more easily. Please join our mailing list (by entering your email address in the “Join Our Wildlife Community” section in the left side menu) so we can let you know when new titles are released.

Wild Life Warning: 

The images displayed on this site, showing some of Australia’s unique and varied wildlife & the stunning beauty of the places where they live, may make you want to travel to Australia immediately.