South-West Western Australia

Two People's Bay in South-West Western Australia
Two People’s Bay

In January 2016, the opportunity arose for us to spend 6 days in the south-west corner of Western Australia, and it was an awesome place to go!

Of the 15 declared biodiversity hotspots in Australia, eight of them are in Western Australia and, of these, three of them are in the south-west. We concentrated our time in a somewhat triangular area bordered by Perth to the north, Albany to the south-east, and Augusta to the south-west. This gave us a really good look at one of these biodiversity hotspots. We also got out to Rottnest Island to check out one of the local residents – the Quokka.


 Just Warming Up

One of the species that we encountered while we were in a woodland in the eastern part of the area was this Shingleback Lizard.

Shingleback (in stealth mode)

This large skink is somewhat docile, and spends much of its time warming itself up in the sun. Unfortunately, it seems that one of the best places to do this is the middle of a road! We stopped the car in order to move it to a safer place just off to the edge of the road and that is when it put on its great display.

Shingleback (in attack mode)

In addition to the great wildlife of the region, we were also treated to some magical sunsets.

Sunset over the ocean at Prevelly Point on the south-west coast
One of the great south-west coast sunsets

The south-west was a Hotspot in more ways than one …

In the few days we were in Western Australia’s south-west, we managed to see over 150 species of birds, mammals and reptiles (mostly birds), with many of these being unique to the region. We would no doubt have seen many more but, sadly, there were some terrible bush-fires happening at the time we were there and that made getting around quite difficult. We really feel for the residents of the area that lost so much, and have huge admiration for the emergency service people and other volunteers that worked so hard to prevent further loss of property and life. You can find out more about how you can help the victims of this terrible disaster here.