Australian Capital Territory

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The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is a landlocked territory within the state of NSW (although the territory also has a coast port located at Jervis Bay, on the NSW mid-south coast), 274 km south of Sydney, 675 km north of Melbourne and 140 km from the NSW coast. The territory is generally referred to as Canberra, and is Australia’s largest inland city and its capital. It is bordered by Australia’s tallest mountain range, the Snowy Mountains, to the south, the ephemeral Lake George to the north-east, and the Great Dividing Range to the west. Around 305 species have been recorded in the ACT, which covers an area of around 2,350 km2 and supports a population of around 400,000. Each year Canberra hosts many public events, perhaps the best known are the annual Floriade (mid-September), which is a 30 day floral festival that celebrates the arrival of Spring, and the Balloon Spectacular (mid-march), which is one of the world’s premier and longest running Hot air balloon festivals. The Balloon Spectacular attracts exhibitors from around the globe, who adorn the skies above with a diversity of balloons of different colours, shapes and popular characters.