Thee only stork recorded in Australia is the Black-necked Stork Ephippiorhnchus asiaticus. The subspecies that breeds within Australia, extends into Southeast Asia. Tall, with coral pink legs, dark head and large bill.

The White Stork (not found in Australia) has been a noted part of European folklore for many centuries.  It has been a symbol of fertility and a bringer of good luck.  One story tells of how a stork visited Christ in his manger and, feeling that the baby was cold, plucked its own feathers and placed them next to him.  The White Stork often builds its nest on the roofs of houses, and if one nests on your house it is believed that the house is honoured.  This belief is the most likely origin of the myth that storks bring babies.

Scientific name: Ciconiidae (family)

Black-necked Stork

Black-necked Stork

What does it look like?  This large bird, with black and white body plumage, glossed dark green and purple neck and robust black bill, is the only member of the stork family found in Australia. The female can be identified from the male by its yellow eye. Where does it live?  The range of this majestic bird has been reduced due to the modification of floodplains and tall reedbeds for agriculture, mi...