Arboreal Termite

Arboreal Termite nest on treeWhat does it look like? Arboreal Termite soldiers are yellow-brown, dark rounded head with single prominent ‘spike’. Workers are pale, alate brown.

Where does it live? Found in south-eastern QLD and eastern NSW.

What are its habitats and habits? The Arboreal Termite, or Tree Termite, occur in bushland along the coast, the primary nest is established in the root crown of a tree. Once the colony grows to a certain size arboreal nests are constructed higher up the tree and in other trees, on the trunk or at the base of branches. Galleries running the length of the tree trunk connect the nests with tunnels under the ground. It can damage timber, especially damp timber in contact with the ground, but is not usually considered a significant pest.

Scientific Name: Nasutitermes walkeri

Size: TL 7mm (soldier)