Redeye Cicada on a leaf

What does it look like? The Redeye Cicada has a dark brown to black body, grey-silver patches either side of abdomen, with striking bright red eyes. Wing veins black with clear membranes.

Where does it live? south-eastern Australia from SE QLD to South Australia, Tasmania

What are its habitats and habits? The Redeye, or Cherry Eye, occurs in sclerophyll forest and open scrubland, where it feeds primarily on eucalypts, preferring smooth-barked species. In high population concentrations the honeydew expelled from these insects in tall trees can seem like rainfall. Adults are encountered from November through to March, though population sizes vary from year to year. The song is complex, a continuous rattling starting low and increasing in volume before breaking into a ‘yodeling’ sequence.

Scientific Name: Psaltoda moerens

Size: BL 40mm