Garden Wolf Spider

Garden Wolf Spider emerging from a crevice

What does it look like? The Garden Wolf Spider is predominantly brown, with paler yellowish-brown to orange-brown and darker blackish lines and marks, with a characteristic radiating pattern in the carapace.

Where does it live? Widespread throughout temperate Australia. Females are larger than males.

What are its habitats and habits? The Garden Wolf Spider occurs in open areas within a variety of wooded and grassland habitats, including gardens, where it lives within a lidless burrow, the entrance of which is lined with silk, with a small raised rim of leaves, sticks and grasses. It is a nocturnal, terrestrial hunter, actively pursuing and preying on small to large insects and other spiders. Although non-aggressive, it is still capable of giving a painful bite that can become easily infected.

Scientific Name: Tasmanicosa godeffroyi

Size: TL 35mm